5Kg Semolina from TUMMINIA (TIMILIA) stone milled MOLINO ZAPPALA '

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Timilia durum wheat flour suitable for doughs with short leavening times (4-6 h) and maturation times up to 48 hours at

controlled temperature (3-4 ° C) and with high hydration (over 60%). Ideal for the preparation of typical breads

Sicilian, such as Castelvetrano type bread (about 20% mixed with durum wheat flour), leavened bakery products

(pan pizza, focaccia) and unleavened (shortcrust pastry, breadsticks).

The flour is obtained by stone milling La Ferté which allows to keep the germ and, thanks to the low

processing temperatures, does not overheat the product, preserving its nutritional and sensory characteristics



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The TUMMINIA grain, whose scientific name is Triticum durum Desf. var. similar to Koern, it is a wheat with dark kernels that resists drought well, considered a durum wheat in danger of extinction despite its easy productivity, as in recent decades little demanded by large retailers, it has now become a rare and valuable product. Known in Sicily, but also in the rest of Italy with the dialect names: tumminia, timminia, trimminia.

The Flour of TUMMINIA is produced by means of ancient stone millstones, following the ancient traditions; it is a lightly tumbled wholemeal flour, it contains many trace elements of wheat germ and bran; it has a high protein value and a low gluten index. This flour is very suitable for baking, and must be consumed relatively quickly (about 4 months) in order not to lose its organoleptic qualities.

The TUMMINIA flour, after milling, has a greyish color, different from the commercial flours we are usually used to; the food products deriving from the use of this flour are wholemeal breads or dark breads so called because of the characteristic dark color of the dough and the crumb.
The typical bread produced with this particular flour is called "Castelvetrano black bread", originally from a small town of the same name in the province of Trapani. TUMMINIA flour bread is very fragrant, with a good nutritional contribution and thanks to the use of sourdoughs (natural yeast) it has a long shelf life, it can be kept soft and fragrant for a few days.

Nutritional values average per 100 g of product

Power 1469 kJ 351 kcal

Total fat 1.7 g

of which saturated 0.3 g

Carbohydrates 70 g

of which sugars 2 g

Fiber 4 g

Protein 12 g

Salt 0.02 g

Contains gluten

May contain Soy

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