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The rye-based dough is not very elastic and almost devoid of resistance, because it contains little gluten. The bread made from it is very dark, with a characteristic flavor. Rye flour can also be used for the preparation of sweets, biscuits or cakes, pasta, focaccia and fried food.

It is possible to cut this flour with a type 0 - 1 - 2, to maintain a low degree of refinement and improve the processing of the dough

At one time, rye bread was mainly intended for popular food and was also called "black bread" (due to the dark brown tone of the flour)



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Rye is a herbaceous plant native to Asia Minor, belonging to the Poaceae family (Graminaceae).

This type of cereal is characterized by a high vitamin content (folic acid or folacin), mineral salts (sodium, potassium, calcium and iodine, contains good amounts of iron) and fiber. In particular, the high fiber content plays an important role, as improves intestinal health, regulates appetite, creating a sense of satiety and modulating blood sugar. Rye is also known for its high blood thinning properties, recommended for preventing aging of the arteries, hypertension and many of the related cardiovascular disorders. There is no shortage of proteins in rye flour, characterized by having a greater biological value than those of wheat (there are more essential amino acids such as lysine and threonine). Finally, rye flour has a low glycemic index, it is therefore particularly suitable in the diet of diabetics. It contains, even if little, gluten, unsuitable for celiacs

Average nutritional content 100g of product:

ENERGY VALUE 1312 KJoule - 309 Kcal

PROTEIN 6.90 gr


of which sugars 6.90 gr

FATS 1.10 gr

of which saturated 0.20 gr

FOOD FIBER 8.60 gr


SALT 2.50 mg

Contains gluten
May contain Soy

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