5Kg RUSSELLO flour (stone milled) MOLINO ZAPPALA '

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Russello ancient Sicilian durum wheat flour suitable for doughs with short rising times (4-6 h) and medium

maturation in the fridge (over 48 hours). Ideal for the preparation of homemade "hard" bread and baked goods both

sweets (biscuits, shortbreads) and savory (pan pizza, focaccia, savory pies), with a pleasant yellow color and typical notes


The flour is obtained from La Ferté stone milling which, thanks to the low processing temperatures, preserves the

nutritional and sensory characteristics of the final product.



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Durum wheat variety Russello is an ancient variety of wheat once cultivated throughout the Sicily, now spread to a limited extent in some limited areas of the island.
It is distinguished by the height of the ear higher than the other grains, about 180 cm, and by a high protein content (12% -14%.)
As for baking it is used to produce "hard dough" bread (having a very high toughness / elasticity ratio attributed to the former), according to the traditionally widespread technique in the province of Ragusa, the achievable results are exceptional: both on the organoleptic and on the visual level.
It seems that the Castelvetrano Black Bread, was originally obtained by properly mixing the variety TUMMINIA with the Russello variety.

Excellent for the preparation of sweet and savory baked goods and for pasta

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product

Power 1470 kJ /346 kcal

Total fat 1,5 g

of which saturated 0.5 g

Carbohydrates 70 g

of which sugars 2 g

3.5 g fiber

Protein 11.5 g

Salt 0.03 g
Contains gluten

May contain Soy


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