Jam Fico

The company, Fico was founded with the aim to enhance and transform the prickly pear.

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of tons of fresh produce for the fruit and vegetable markets and to the RETAIL market, only a very small part is devoted to the transformation in the form of: liquors and jams.

As far as the jams, without altering the traditional fig jam of india) the company has sought to enrich it by extending its use to drink (apart from breakfast) seeing that go well with the cheeses. After several tests they came out the following products: jam of prickly pear and chili (excellent on the cheese), jam of prickly pears, raisins and brandy, jam of figs and almonds (excellent for breakfast, the freshly baked bread and cheese), jam of prickly pears, yellow-fleshed and jam of prickly pears, chocolate.

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